Tubero Pterygoid Implants and Bruxism

Once you start doing a little research, you’ll find that our Tubero pterygoid implants are good for a variety of different issues. Of course people are familiar with the fact these implants can replace damaged and failing teeth. However, there are a variety of problems this innovative technology helps with.

Bruxism is one of these issues. Many different people clench their teeth from time to time. However, when they do it at night or for long periods, damage can occur and other complications can set in.

Anxiety and Stress

Although many people think this condition is caused by anxiety and stress, there are some other factors involved. In fact, bruxism is also caused by crooked teeth. There are even cases where your teeth can be lost, fractured and even loosened by constant grinding.

Our Tubero pterygoid implants are one of the solutions if you find yourself in this situation. These are the dental implants that we have specially designed for patients who don’t have enough jawbone for the ordinary variety.

Our system is quick and efficient. It allows for the implants to be affixed immediately. Here’s a quick overview of the process we use.

  • A thorough CT scan is used so that we can get a clear picture of the bone density that you have.
  • The implants are placed.
  • The bridge with your new teeth is fixed in place.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. What’s more, the Dental Implant Centre is concerned about your general health as well. That means we will want to get a good overview of all the medications you’re taking before we begin any procedures.

Extensive Training

We are interested in providing the kind of industry leading services that are second to none. That means that each and every new hire goes through extensive training. We even have a once a year review of processes and procedures to make sure everything is cutting-edge and innovative.

Of course, all of this makes us an industry leader when it comes to dental implants of all kinds. Not only that, we’ve taken the time to put in the effort to learn about the various conditions that can affect your dental health.

That’s why we also want to let you know how you can stop grinding your teeth. Cutting down on drinks that have caffeine and sugar helps. Drinking alcohol tends to amplify bruxism.

It’s a good idea to read tips like these before you get Tubero pterygoid implants so you don’t continue with bad habits.

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