Multiple teeth dental implants and sports injuries

Here at the Dental Implant Centre, our dentists have a special name for a tooth that gets knocked out. The term “avulsed” refers to a special type of medical emergency that’s the result of contact sports or even just an accident. We have found there’s a special relationship between our multiple teeth dental implants and sports injuries.

If you’ve been involved in either kind of mishap, this type of dental implant might be for you. If you’ve tried something else like dentures or bridges, you might be surprised how this technology is much better.

There is research that points to the fact that more than 5 million teeth are knocked out every year primarily due to sports injuries. Although it’s important to wear a mouth guard during sports like basketball and hockey, there’s always a chance of having a tooth avulsed.

What’s more, the older you are the less chance you have of saving the tooth and having it restored. However, you can take a chance regardless of your age if you follow these procedures.

  • You should handle the tooth very carefully. The part that can be damaged most easily is the root underneath the gum. If the tooth has dirt on it, you can rinse it off with milk.
  • You can place the tooth in your mouth between your gum and cheek to keep it moist.
  • It might be possible to slip the tooth right back into its socket. Keep in mind that if it is in one piece, there’s a chance you can save it.

The Dental Implant Centre offers another option. We use the highest quality material for the multiple teeth dental implants we supply to people who’ve suffered sports injuries. Each and every one of the dental implant systems we use is chosen based on clinical grounds. That means our clients only get the best in innovation and technology.

Unique Advantages

We have some of the most unique advantages in the industry. For example, our in-house laboratory specializes in fitting crowns to each individual patient. By not outsourcing that part of the process, we can guarantee 100% client satisfaction.

Everyone on our surgical team is highly qualified. If you’re an active person who loves sports, it’s good to know our services are available if you have an accident or mishap.

We have contact information listed on our website. You can call us by phone or fill out the handy contact form to learn about our exclusive multiple teeth dental implants.