Dentures are plastic teeth, moulded to the shape of your mouth and gums. They sit on an acrylic (plastic) base. These can replace single or multiple teeth or whole jaw of teeth (arch).

This can be done for top and bottom, if required. Dentures require special home care maintenance to ensure they remain clean and do not cause irritation to the mouth.

Benefits of Dentures

Dentures can help to restore a natural looking smile. Can help you to eat comfortably. Can help to reduce the period of aging and can help to minimize speech problem due to lack of teeth.

Dentures Treatment Procedures

Our experienced dentists will assess your mouth, determine which type of denture is suitable for you, as multiple materials are available. This is followed by several visits that involve taking measurements for your bite, your jaws and moulds of your teeth/ jaws. For good quality dentures to be made, multiple visits are usually required.

Types of Dentures

All plastic/Acrylic denture – Simplest to make for a comfortable smile.

Flexible Acrylic denture (eg- Valplast) – These flexible dentures will move as your jaws move during chewing leading to a more comfortable fitting denture.

Cobalt-Chrome denture – These are strong, tough and retentive. These dentures are built to last and offer the most secure fitting type of denture.

Risk in Dentures

Properly maintained and fabricated dentures are safe for everyday use. If your dentures show any signs of damage or cracking, they need to be assessed, as broken dentures or loose dentures can present a choking hazard. Proper home-care of dentures is necessary to avoid microbial build-up and growth on the dentures which can lead to ulcers and irritation of the gums.

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